Monday, April 27, 2015

Index of Short Stories by William Hammett


The following short stories by William Hammett are written in the general style of Richard Brautigan.  Hammett is also the author of poetry, short stories, and novels, including The Ghost of Richard Brautigan.  Further information on William Hammett and The Ghost of Richard Brautigan is provided on other pages of this site.

Bikers for God
The Buddha's Tour Dates
The Court of Public Opinion
Einstein's Merry-Go-Round
The Five-Dollar Apocalypse
The Flying Carpet Underground
Fall Lineup
Forty Thousand Days
The Hitchhiker
It Doesn't Have to Rain at Funerals
The Laundromat at the Center of the Universe
The Lords of Harlem
The Lost Souls Foundation
A Memoir by 1957
Midwest Carnival
Park Lufkin, Country Singer
Penance at Wrigley Field
Perfect Recall
The Permanent Record of Jude Wells
Picasso Graffiti
A Prescription from the Heavens
Rearview Mirror
The Rickshaw Mystery
A Sad but Poetic Cliché
Schrodinger's Cat
Shakespeare's Lost Play
The Soldier Who Forgot to Die
The Story Has Already Arrived
Trailer Park Lookout
The Unified Field Theory
Writers in Tibet
Yellow Number Two Computer


Index of Short Stories by William Hammett
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